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Voter Guides for different needs.

Online Voter Guides

Our Online Voter Guides give political organization's collective power to distribute endorsements so their supporters don’t have to guess which candidates share their values. They are simple to use. Voters view only the candidates and measures they can vote for all the way down the ballot. Using our guides, you can leverage your organization’s collective power to help win elections, especially in down ballot, non-partisan, low information races.

County Voter Guides

Online County Voter Guides provide voters with complete and personalized election information on all the offices, candidates and ballot measures for which they can vote. With our guides, voters can easily find their polling place. They can also read candidate ballot statements and arguments for and against state and local measures. These guides cost taxpayers a fraction of the price of traditional paper voter pamphlets. There is no postage cost and they are environmentally friendly.

Elected Official Guides

Elected Official Guides make it easy for voters to find all their elected officials and their contact information, from the Governor to city council members and water board directors. Being able to easily contact your elected officials to get help or to express an opinion is fundamental to making government work properly. Elected Official Guides make governments more transparent and accountable.

Influence Guides

Influence Guides let voters send consistent and personalized messages to their elected officials, at all levels of government. They allow advocacy organizations to focus and amplify the voices of their supporters by assuring that elected officials are hearing from their constituents.


Great features you'll love.

YourVoterGuide is the leading software platform for online voter and elected official guides. We help Americans vote their values and connect with their elected officials.


Our guides are easy to use. Simply type in your address to view a personalized guide with only the candidates you can vote for at your address.


Drawing on over 100 million voter records, we make sure that jurisdiction information is accurate down to the house. We get precise results for each voter, every time.


Our team of experienced political consultants, web designers, programmers and data scientists build and manage custom online tools to empower each of our clients.

Mobile Friendly

Every guide is mobile friendly with no mandatory app download.

ADA Compliant

Our guides meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design.


Our guides are currently available in English and Spanish. We look forward to making our guides available to voters in other languages.

Hear what our clients say.

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    Keith Clock Public Affairs Specialist, Indiana State Teachers Association.

    Our statewide online voter guide helps our members and voters know which candidates educators support. In 2016, voters in more than 500 cities and towns across Indiana used IPACE.YourVoter.Guide.

  • Author image
    Kammi Foote Clerk, Inyo County.

    Inyo County has provided an online voter guide to our citizens since 2014. According to our website analytics it is one of our highest trafficked sites related to elections.

  • Author image
    Yesenia Jimenez DACA.Elected.Guide.

    DACA.Elected.Guide allows voters from all 53 congressional districts in California to contact their specific Member of Congress to urge the support and passage of a Clean DREAM Act.

  • Author image
    Megan Hobson CA.Elected.Guide.

    Finally a simple way for California voters to find their specific elected officials and how to contact them. By increasing transparency, our guides can help voters become more engaged with their elected officials and one hopes, more invested in positive policy outcomes.

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The Your Voter Guide Team

Since 2012, YourVoterGuide, Inc. has been the online voter guide industry leader.

Based in Sacramento, California, we are committed to making it simple for Americans to get personalized election information and communicate with their elected officials, on their computers and smartphones, with no mandatory app download. We help election officials, political parties, organized labor, and grassroots advocacy organizations make it easier for voters to participate in American democracy.

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